Tatiana Makarova

Welcome visitors to my personal site.

Welcomes you to Dr. Tatiana Makarova.

On this site you will find many new and interesting things, learn a little about me. My profession - the most wonderful, wonderful and beloved in the world. I help the kids see the light. At present the problem of infertility has become very important. But this does not mean that everyone should do "test-tube babies." Many couples lose a large amount of time on examinations and consultations with various experts. And the reason is very obvious.It is impossible to describe and put into words what feels a woman who has never been pregnant, and the happiness and love that finds a woman, seeing the fertilized egg in the uterus and in the end - the appearance of a miracle baby born. Just for the sake of this life worth living and for helping people!

I'd like everyone to have had children, and have no problems with their conception. The main principle of my work - the trust between a doctor and a patient!

If you believe in doctors and in yourself, then you will surely succeed.

Together we can achieve the result!

Best regards, Obstetrician-gynecologist, a specialist in infertility and IVF

Tatiana Makarova