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Infertility treatment Clinic «Mother & child»

Actual address: 121374 Moscow, Mozhayskoe, Building 2.
Phone 8(495) 925-21-27
Fax 8(495) 925-22-00
Website - http://mamadeti.ru (fully in Russian)
                www.eko-mamadeti.ru (fully in Russian)

About Clinic «Mother and Child»

Clinic«Mother and Child» was founded in June 2001. Our patients have given birth to 4386 children so far. Pregnancy rate after IVF in our clinic about 45%. In surrogacy programs and oocyte donation, this percentage increases to 65.

Clinic «Mother and Child» is a team of medical experts: fertility specialists, obstetrician-gynecologist, andrologists, anesthesiologists, embryologists, nurses, assistants and receptionists. The entire staff is working for you and along with you to achieve your goal, that is, to give birth to your child.

In our clinic we use only the most advanced equipment, which can be the envy of many European clinics. Another important factor is the fact that the clinic is staffed by professionals of the highest level. They regularly improve their skills in internships in Israel, Belgium, Germany, Holland, and participate in international conferences, training programs. We provide the highest quality of care to patients by using the latest technology. Our clinical examination and treatment conform to all national and international standards. Health care authority constantly affirms a high quality of medical services in Clinic «Mother and Child».

Best regards, Obstetrician-gynecologist, a specialist in infertility and IVF

Tatiana Makarova